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I am sure that the technicians at Sony will agree with me when I say this. This is the reason why products such as the this Sony battery have been victims of counterfeiting fraudsters. Before I start on this Sony VTC4 review I will make it my job to warn anyone buying. 1 Aplus Nylon Case Pouch Holder Bag Storage for 4 x 18650 Battery Belt Holster – Strap Style Batteries NOT Included Fits Samsung 25r, LG HE2 HG2, Sony VTC4, Efest and All 18650.

The Sony VTC4 was the original high-drain battery, notably brought to public awareness by the vaping community. This cell dates as far back as 2012 and gained such popularity that its demise Sony pulling it was met with a high number of counterfeiters looking to profit. The Sony VTC4 is a popular lithium-ion cell. It is intended for use in high current 18650 battery packs. It can power a wide range of devices including a portable page scanner, handheld instrument biometric device, or quadcopter. Sony 18650 batteries are highly regarded for performance and safety. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 4 Sony 18650 Vtc4 High Drain 30a Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 2100 mAh Authentic at the best online prices at. All the the “A” variants outperform their non-A counterparts, e.g., the VTC4A outperforms the VTC4, but which is the best performing “A” variant? Which is the best Sony 18650 as of early March, 2018? I tested the VTC4A, VTC5A, and VTC6A at 25A down to 3.2V and the winner was clearly the VTC6A. Apr 20, 2015 · A completely "scientific" experiment on what happens when you put your fully charged batteries in the wrong way. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Sony vtc4 18650 batteries vented! bneath05.

Sony Code 49922780 Sony Energy Devices Corporation Device Solutions Business Group / Sony Corporation Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Technical Information Revision 0.1 29 th June 2012 Purchase a genuine US18650VTC4 cell from PowerStream. Exactly why 18650 battery names like VTC4, VTC5, Samsung 25R, are confusing everybody April 03 2015, 5 Comments Naming conventions used in tech are usually pretty easy to follow. But it's all too often consumers expect a naming convention to hold true, and when it does not, expectations are broken and people are left confused and upset. For those who want a higher Amp Limit and don't mind shorter battery life, choose the Sony VTC4 batteries. For those who want a longer battery life and don't mind a lower Amp Limit, choose the LG HG2 batteries or the Sony VTC6 batteries. All batteries sold by The Vape Store are genuine.

Apr 27, 2019 · I was told to get the Sony VTC4 or VTC4a I think it's called. But the VTC5 and VTC6 have higher mAh. Which should I buy?. LG HB4s are good for dual 18650 VW box mods at high power and last a tiny bit longer than HB6s which have a reported 32amps according to mooch so that 2 amps is sometimes handy. VTC5As are the 2,600mAH 25 amp new kings.</plaintext> Sony 18650 VTC4 2100mAh High-drain Battery-15C 30, Ageniune SONY product. Long storage life, light weight and high energy density, used with Joyetech eVic, VapeOnly MOD, other mods work with 18650.</p> <p>Keep your device powered with this 100 Percent Genuine SONY US18650VTC4 High-Drain Flat-Top Battery 2100mAh 3.7V. This powering unit comes in a count of two. This Sony rechargeable battery is made with Lithium-Ion and comes in a flat-top style. It's 2100 mAh/ 3.7v and has a continuous discharge rate of 30A and a pulse of 60A. For high drain applications the Sony VTC4 is the top-selling and most trusted battery of it's kind. 18650 VTC4 2100mAh. Availability: In stock. Description; Reviews; Details. Sony US18650 VTC4 - 2100mAh. Introduction. For high drain applications the Sony VTC4 is the top-selling and most trusted battery of it's kind. 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