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The genus name Aster comes from the Greek and means "star-shaped flower.". The specific name amellus is first used in the Georgics Book IV, 271-280, a poem of the Latin poet Publius Vergilius Maro 70 BC - 19 BC, but the etymology is obscure and uncertain. Colorful Combinations.Asters get their name from the Latin word for "star," and their flowers are often the superstars of the fall garden. Some types of this native plant can reach up to 6 feet with flowers in white and pink but also, and perhaps most strikingly, in rich purple, showy lavender, and occasionally blue. From the name of the flower, which is derived via Latin from Greek αστηρ aster meaning "star". See All Relations · Show Family Tree. Related Names. Variant Astra. Other Languages & Cultures Astraea, Astraia Greek Mythology User Submissions Astêr, Aster. Categories. celestial, flowers, unisex.

Asters are the mainstay of many fall gardens producing daisy-like flowers. Genus name comes from the Latin word aster meaning star for the shape of the flowers. 'Little Carlow' is a hybrid between cultivars of Aster cordifolius and Aster novi-belgii. It typically grows to 2' tall with a similar spread. See the popularity of the boy's name Aster over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling names, and more in BabyCenter's Baby Names tool. The involucral bracts phyllaries, underneath the flowers, provide one means to distinguish the leafy aster from other similar species such as symphyotrichum ascendens; they are light green to reddish green in color whitish at the base, leaf-like in appearance, hairy usually, and the lowest few are noticeably longer, projecting outwards to.

TRIVIA: Many of the established Latin names of Aster spp. were changed recently due to DNA and genetic research findings. So Aster divaricatus is now known as Eurybia divaricata. This species is very similar to Aster cordifolius. Differences in the two include the fact that Aster divaricatus blooms a little earlier, is shorter and not as upright. New England Aster Symphyotrichum novae-angliae, Amethyst Aster Symphyotrichum x amethystinum, and Heath Aster Symphyotrichum ericoides. Usually, asters have a uniform length for the hairs of their tufted achenes. An older scientific name of Flat-Topped Aster is Aster umbellatus.

The aster family Asteraceae is one of the largest angiosperm families, with more than 1,620 genera and 23,600 species of herbaceous plants, shrubs, and trees distributed throughout the world. The plants are characterized by their composite flower heads and one-seeded achene fruits. The following. Latin Names of Asters: Many of the established Latin names of Aster species have been changing lately due to DNA and genetic research that is being done on all plants. I have tried in all cases to list all Latin names that have been in use for each species, but. Aster chilensis tolerates clay. Aster chilensis is great for a butterfly garden. Aster chilensis's foliage type is deciduous. Aster chilensis's flower color is blue. Communities for Aster chilensis:Coastal Sage Scrub, Coastal Salt Marsh, Freshwater Marsh, Mixed-evergreen Forest and Southern Oak Woodland.

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